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Kys, Kaerlighed og Kroner

Adapted from "A Regular Thing", a short story included in "Envy at the Cheese Handout"

Awarded Best Short Film 1999 by the Danish Film Academy.

a regular thing film still

Steen falls in love with Katja. And she falls in love with him. They move in together. Sex is great, definitely the best Steen has ever had. But Katja charges him. Every time. Except for the first. When her rates go up faster than inflation, he realises he has to do something.

Directed by Louise Andreasen (Email: klandreas@yahoo.dk). Written by Louise Andreasen & Soren Frellesen.

25min.; 35mm colour. Produced by M&M Productions 1998.

Shown at Athens, Cork, Hungary and London film festivals.